Parking sensor installation in the Swansea region

Reversing aids for all types of vehicles

If you’re struggling to park your new car that is longer and wider compared to its predecessor, then we recommend that you install a parking sensor. Not only will this help rid of one of the biggest worries of a modern driver, but you’ll also be spared from having to regularly fix bumps, dents and scuffs on your car. At Abertawe Car Electrics, we’re experts when it comes to all matters concerning car electrics and can be trusted to do an excellent job every time. Contact us today for more information.

Why it’s a must for any vehicle

  • Front and rear parking aids available
  • Discreet sensors
  • Visual output available
  • Electronic display
  • Colour code adjustments available
  • Can help to make reversing easier
  • Planning to install a parking sensor in your car? Call us now on